About Charles Moore

Charles Moore is a New York-based curator, author, and art historian investigating abstraction, color theory, and social justice. In a curatorial practice that emphasizes collaboration and a research methodology that illuminates deeper systemic disparities of the art world, Moore challenges complacency with the institutionalization of the art world.

Moore’s pursuits as an arts professional began by receiving his Master’s degree in Museum Studies from Harvard University with an emphasis on inclusivity, accessibility, and equity for marginalized groups. He went on to complete a curatorial residency with Artis. After establishing foundational knowledge of art history, criticism, and museum practices, he was accepted into Columbia University’s Doctoral program where he is currently a student of their Art & Museum Studies program.

He has since put his curatorial knowledge into practice with a series of exhibitions that highlight his distinctive curatorial practice. His recent exhibitions include YoYo Lander & Knowledge Bennett (2021) and BLACK (2022) at the Know Contemporary and Vocoder (2021) at the Macy Art Gallery at Columbia University.

Channeling his background in finance, he examines the intersection of art and economics as a regular contributing author to notable publications including Juxtapoz, CULTURED, Artsy, Brooklyn Rail, The Art Newspaper, and Fine Art Connoisseur. These examinations culminated in his published books “The Black Market” (2020) and “The Brilliance of the Color Black” (2021).

Beyond his extensive publication and exhibition history, Moore has been the co-recipient of Harvard University’s Titus & Venus Legacy Award, and most recently the recipient of an Tracksmith artist fellowship to complete his memoirs on marathon running.